Monday Book Memories ~ What the Earl Desires

I love writing historicals. I don’t get enough of them done and out but I truly do love them. Here we have a woman who is sold out by Father to protect those who can afford it, or kill for those who can, until she finds love and realizes that she will have to make the ultimate decision and sacrifice.


From England’s cold mausoleum homes to Africa’s vastness, Colin fights for the love and respect of a warrior’s heart to keep his family together.

Preferring solitude, Colin Faulkner resides at his country estate. Yet, fate being fickle, introduces a mysterious woman into his life. Societal dictates say he has no business wanting her…he does.
Najja’s in England for one thing, however, meeting Colin changes everything. After he unexpectedly becomes Earl of Clifton, Najja withdraws. Her excuse? His title. Her vow.
Colin doesn’t care, but wanting and having Najja are two different things. For Najja can never truly be his so long as another controls her.
Obstacles are meaningless when a love that spans the continents is…
What the Earl Desires

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