Wednesday Whisper ~ Chasing the Storm

“I found my mate.” He sent the message to his siblings. And the congratulations rolled in.

“When do we get to meet her?” Aminta Tran asked.

“Soon. Members of The New Order are after her. And that’s not all. She has my artefact.”

Tension could be felt through their connection. He was the first to have seen his, which meant the prophecy had begun to reach its zenith. Prior to his finding Taylor and the artefact, they had existed in a haze of almost ignorance, believing that so long as none of them had discovered it, they could train and pretend that perhaps the prophecy wasn’t falling on them.

“Bring her to the vineyard, Cale,” Lian issued the order.

“As soon as we can be there, we will.”

“Be safe, brother,” Billy Kwan sent the sentiment.

“I’m ready if you are.”

Taylor’s voice pulled him roughly from contact. Wincing from the unexpected slivers of pain, he turned.

Jeans and a T-shirt, which told him whatever her job was, it didn’t require business dress. She carried a black purse over one shoulder, nothing fancy, just plain and unadorned.


They walked down together and he tried to angle her towards his vehicle, but she shook her head.

“I walk. It’s not far.”

Senses alert, he fell into step with her. She was rightbarely two blocks farther and she paused outside a restaurant.

“You work here?”

“I do. Thanks for the escort.” She walked inside and disappeared without a look back.

Cale stood there for a moment before realising he’d look foolish just staring into the building after her. So he went to a nearby bench and sat where he could see those entering and leaving. She may have thought that was the end of their association, but she was wrong. When she finished her shift, he would explain it all on the way to the vineyard.



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