Teaser Tuesday ~ Irresistible Forces

When desire flows over it makes two head-strong people realise they are powerless under the onslaught of pleasure.

Leonardo Wright has been fighting his attraction to the sexy diva that gets under his skin like no other woman. Deyon is one woman who he can’t seem to resist. She is a family friend but he wants to take their relationship to another level. But he wants to do so on his terms…however when dealing with Deyon, she plays by her own rules and her passionate nature will not let him do as he wants. Take it slow and easy and build something lasting. Leo gives in and holds on for a journey that will bring him the one thing he wants more than all else—Deyon’s heart.

Deyon De’clare is not prepared to wait for any man to make a decision for her. Leo wants to be involved with her…and he thinks it will be the way he wants it. He is very wrong. Whatever they have will be by both their terms—a mutual meeting of minds, body and souls. At least that is the plan if she can get the stubborn sheriff to understand that she is not a woman who does anything unless she wants too. And she does want Leonardo Wright more than she ever expected. But when one is playing with matters of the heart you have to give in to those irresistible forces.


Leonardo Wright tapped his finger on the steering wheel as he drove towards his destination. Suddenly, a car going way too fast zoomed past him. Leo narrowed his eyes, recognising the night blue Audi S8—he flipped on his lights and went after the sporty sedan. From the type of vehicle, he figured the driver had been at business meetings today instead of at her store.

They continued driving above the posted speed limit. Leo knew she saw him, but she was thumbing her nose at him. Suddenly she made a turn and he clenched the wheel tightly, already mumbling the lecture he would be giving her. He followed and drove through the gates that lead to the oasis she had created. The automobile came to a screeching halt between the Sierra 2500HD crew cab and Toyota Land Cruiser, also in blue. The woman he was chasing was partial to blue. Leo parked behind her then turned off his cruiser.

Her car door swung open and one leg appeared, coming to rest on the ground. Leo studied the bare leg from the knee down until he saw the silver, high-heeled sandal. The rest of the woman came into view and he held the wheel, studying the beauty that was Deyon De’clare. She turned to face him, putting her hands on her hips. On her lush lips was a familiar teasing grin, which only made her captivating features even sexier. The face that had graced many runways and magazines—thus making her the most recognised full-figured supermodel in the world—was framed by wild, kinky hair. She wore shades, but Leo didn’t need to see her curly lashed, light-grey eyes to know they had the same teasing in them.

Although she wasn’t a model anymore—instead now a sought-after designer that catered to full-figured women—Deyon certainly knew how to capture one’s attention. She was her own best advertisement that curves were indeed beautiful, sexy and able to bring a man to his knees. As usual, Deyon was dressed stylishly. A dark royal blue with silver patchwork design shirt sloped off one shoulder, highlighting her rich caramel skin. The shorts were the same blue—without the silver—and stopped at her knees. Deyon bent into her car. Leo exited his cruiser before closing the door, gaze locked on her full ass. He clenched and unclenched his fists, aching to touch the round globes. Deyon stood, pushing her hair back with long fingers. She faced him again, holding a purse and briefcase then, using her hip, she closed her car door. Deyon strode towards him—her innate grace, power and all out sensuality of her walk another thing that made her successful as a model. Her movement had a rhythm that made his heart pound and his palms sweat. Leo kept his face contained.

“Leonardo, are you here to return my weapons?” Deyon’s melodious voice held playfulness.

Leo knew she was very serious. The question was the same one she had been asking him for a few months, just varied in the way she phrased it. It had begun around the same time she’d started calling him by his full first name instead of the shortened version as she had usually done before. Deyon pushed her shades up onto the top of her hair. She studied him.

“No, I’m holding them until you promise me that you won’t pull them on anyone again. When are you going to press charges?” he gave his standard reply.

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