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Teaser Tuesday ~ Taber by Taige Crenshaw & Aliyah Burke

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

I am a traveller who enjoys finding new exciting places to explore. I have no real home to call my own and have never longed for a place to rest. At least until I met the woman who sets my senses on fire.

Lainey Mercer is stubborn, hard to get near and passionate. She is all that I never realised that I wanted. She has made this god wonder what could be possible with a woman by your side who matches you in everyway. I now long to put down roots and for us to create a home together. Live from now to the rest of eternity and beyond side by side. But my Lainey is a woman who will not give in…she will bring me to my knees and then rebuild me into a better god who has found—the woman he loves.


The roar of the plane engines changed, signalling they were about to land. Lainey Mercer shifted on the seat, holding onto the straps keeping her in as the cargo plane descended to their new home.

“We’re almost there, Kali.” Lainey glanced towards the back of the plane.

Although she knew the Eurasian lynx was sedated, as well as too far away to hear her, she felt better saying it. She breathed out. The last few weeks had been a rollercoaster getting herself and Kali ready for this trip. She didn’t care about herself, but after the sanctuary she’d worked for had lost funding and had had to close, they’d had a hell of a time placing the animals. Kali was the last one—they’d especially struggled to find a new home for her. At first when she hadn’t been able to place the cat, it had hurt her she would have been parted from the lynx she’d raised from birth. For a while there, Lainey had thought she wouldn’t find anywhere for Kali to go. Thankfully, she had found her a place. Not only that but she was going with her.

“I hope this is the right thing for both of us.” Lainey spoke aloud again.

She was used to talking with the animals she worked with, but she’d always favoured Kali’s company. The lynx was usually silent around her, but Lainey could tell she understood what she said. At least, that’s what she liked to believe. Lainey pushed away any doubts—this was the right place for them to be. They would be settled in no time and get into a new routine.

Except I’ll be in charge of it all. Excitement filled Lainey at the thought. She would be the one calling the shots for what happened with the animals and everything else. It was one of the big draws to the new job and why she’d accepted—it had brought her and Kali here to New Mexico. Everyone who worked with rescuing animals knew of EASAWR—Ellis Animal Sanctuaries and Wildlife Reserve. They were the biggest and best funded organisation—the dream job most people in her field wanted to get. The EASAWR was very hard to get a job with—they had a stringent screening process, yet she had managed to get a foot in the door through a friend.

She’d used this advantage to apply for a job to work with the animals. She hadn’t thought she’d have a chance and had been shocked when she’d not only got a job, but had had an offer for one she hadn’t gone after. Just because they’d offered her the opportunity to be in charge didn’t mean she was just going to accept it, though. She’d told them what she wanted to make her even consider the job. They had met all her criteria and her generous salary request. What she’d heard was true— Ellis had funds and used them make sure his reserve was well run. The cargo plane they were on was an example—she’d been told that it was owned by the Ellis Animal Sanctuaries and Wildlife Reserve. The plane was covered with the logo of the organisation and was very well equipped for the animals’ comfort. It could hold many animals and transport them where they needed to be taken. Today it was only her and the lynx. They had offered to fly her in on a private jet—also owned by Ellis—but she had turned them down, wanting to come with Kali.

“Lainey, you can deplane now,” a voice said.

Lainey saw Sean Caan—who had met her and Kali at the previous sanctuary she worked at—standing before her. He looked amused.

“Thanks, Sean, but I can help you unload Kali.” She unbuckled the belts and stood.

“Someone is waiting for you outside.” Sean turned, then made his way back towards the animal.

Lainey wasn’t sure who could possibly be waiting on her. She lifted her backpack and headed the way Sean had gone. The hatch had already been lowered. She knelt next to the cage that held the cat. Lainey was pleased to note she was still sedated. She reached in the cage and touched her as she never would have dared if Kali had been awake. Her bright, reddish-brown coat, marked with black spots, was soft and lush. On her ears were black tufts of hair, under her neck and chin was white, while on her forehead and back there were dark brown stripes. The short, bobbed tail was the same colour as her coat, except for the all-black tip.

“She made the trip fine,” Sean stated.

She glanced at him standing in front of the cage.

New rerelease ~ Wicked Burn by McKenna Jeffries & Aliyah Burke

Monday, August 27th, 2018

Happy Monday!

So…this just happened.

A rerelease that McKenna Jeffries and I wrote years ago that’s been off the market.

Title: Wicked Burn

Series: Free Falling, Book 1

Genre: Contemporary

Buy Link:

Price: $2.99 or #FREE in #KU


Firefighter Yasmine Van Cort is used to saving people and knows sometimes, not everyone can be rescued. Yet something about her last fire rescue keeps bothering her. She cannot forget the anguish of the man who lost his sister and brother-in-law, the man who is now the guardian of the sole survivor of the horrible fire—an innocent baby. Yasmine knows getting involved with those you save could be a bad idea, but she cannot resist checking on him. What she finds is an unexpected complication which will change her forever.

Sedeo Parker lost the last of his family and now has to care for his infant niece. Distraught at the loss and the responsibility, he is overwhelmed when the woman who saved his niece comes by. His mixed emotions of gratitude and fury that she didn’t save everyone leave him reeling. The unexpected flash of desire for her only complicates things.

Yasmine knows with her career, a real relationship is difficult at best. Add in a victim of fire, and it makes it doubly so. Sedeo, after losing everything to fire, does not know if he can let himself become involved with a woman who fights the very thing he is afraid of. Together, they will have to decide if it’s worth it to take a chance on a wicked burn.


Sunday Sentiment

Sunday, August 26th, 2018

There is just one life for each of us: our own. ~Euripides

Saturday Selection ~ Hunter

Saturday, August 25th, 2018

This is a hard series for me to put down. I’m enjoying all the stories within it.

Teaser Tuesday ~ Pure Harmony

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

A single night at an auction can lead to forever.

Jonathon Wright is one of the most sought-after attorneys in and around McKingley, New Mexico. He’s cool, calm, and fastidious. Reputed to be one of the more serious of the Wright clan he tends to keep to himself and focusing on his career. None of which matters when one night in a hotel changes everything. He can’t get her out of his mind and so when the opportunity arises, he pursues, determined to have her.

Harmony Oshiro is a child prodigy. An accident has since taken her ability to perform as she once had, so she’s left the limelight and come to McKingley to teach music at the university, trying to heal her soul. She never knows that here she would run into the man with whom she’d spent one night of bliss.

Despite their differences she really enjoys being with him. An incident puts them in the same quarters and suddenly Jonathon is faced with a woman who is as impulsive and carefree as he is serious. As she teaches him to enjoy life he wants to not only help her find her confidence to perform again but also stay with him forever. Can he convince her that together it will be pure harmony?


By four in the afternoon, the last of his students had left his final lecture. After piling his things back in his satchel, he snapped it closed and headed for the exit. A storm had rolled in, dampening the ground. He eyed the ominous clouds hovering overhead. As he walked across campus, the rain began again. The sky opened up and fell in a torrential rush.

Muttering a curse, he dashed for the nearest building. Damn it! He noticed the water droplets on his silk suit. He wiped off his briefcase and fought a frown. New Mexico weather was unpredictable at best.

The halls were mostly empty, which made it very easy to hear the haunting melody that poured from a room. His skin prickled and, of their own accord, his feet took him towards the sound. Never had music drawn him with such intensity before.

He paused at the door and stood there, allowing the notes to flow over him. Unable to resist, he proceeded into the large room. The lecture hall was mostly dark, except for the lights upon the stage that illuminated a large gleaming black piano on centre stage. A woman sat there playing. His heart pounded erratically in his chest as he stared at her. His palms grew sweaty and he swallowed repeatedly as he walked closer.

It’s her.

His extremely analytical brain worked out the percentage of likelihood that it could be her. On the other hand, his body already knew. He grew hard and lust coursed through his veins.


She was alone, as far as he could tell, and unaware of his presence. Her long, thick black hair hung down to the middle of her back, clasped at the base of her neck by a simple barrette. She wore a long—sleeved coral shirt that complemented her skin tone. She moved in time with her playing.

Sunday Sentiment

Sunday, August 19th, 2018

Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another. ~Homer

Saturday Selection ~ Gabe

Saturday, August 18th, 2018

Check out Ruth Cardello’s contribution to this series. Can’t wait!

Teaser Tuesday ~ Saffron by Taige Crenshaw & Aliyah Burke

Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

Book 4 in Kemet Uncovered series.

I am nature’s representative. I give my voice when the earth cannot. My work sent me on an intersecting course with a stubborn, arrogant, and hard-headed man named, Kenric Annson.

Although I don’t understand him I can’t help but be attracted to him. His smouldering looks and heated caresses have rattled me unlike any before him. The cosmos have an interesting sense of humour.

Me, who has lived longer than he could possibly imagine can be struck mute by something so simple as his touch. What’s a goddess to do when she wants the one man who has the means destroy her beloved earth? Kill him? Save him?



“Look here, damn it, I don’t need any fucking geo—freak coming in here and telling me what I can and can’t do!” Kenric Annson shouted into the phone. “I’m here doing my goddamn job. It’s not like it’s a picnic out here where you can walk up the street to Starbucks for a venti mocha. There’s wars going on around here, and sending some pencil pusher down isn’t going to do a damn thing, except complicate things. My men and I are busy enough without the added job of babysitting.”

The response he received only infuriated him further. After cursing a streak at the dial tone in his ear he slammed the phone down.

“You okay, Boss?”

The question came from Shade, one of the workers on this crew. Actually, Shade was his next in command. Kenric only knew him as Shade and that was fine. He trusted him with his life—hell, Shade could call himself Tinkerbell if he wanted to. Shade was a huge, muscular man with braided hair, which he kept confined to a ponytail most of the time. A goatee and dark brown skin completed the package. The man looked downright lethal standing there with his personal arsenal strapped to him. Everyone respected him.

“Hell, no.” He popped his neck and sat on the edge of his desk, arms crossed.

“What’s up?”

“That was Frank.”

Shade groaned and rolled his eyes as he snipped the end off a cigar. Frank Grimmel was technically the boss down here. Frank was only here since his brother owned the company. However, as far as Kenric and the others were concerned, he was a waste of sperm. It was part of the reason everyone called Kenric ‘Boss’, to add another dig into Frank’s authority. “What’d the dumbass want?”

“He’s sending us a civilian.”

“What!” Shade looked over the top of his mirrored sunglasses and stared while he lit his cigar, the smoke curling up and around his face like a snake.

“Yes, something about this doctor being able to help us find the natural gas pockets faster, and dig for them safer.”

A snort of derision. “Does he not get this isn’t your America? That, while we’re digging, we have men standing guard? Hell, even when we’re not.” Shade shook his head. “I mean, even Frank has two men guard him the rare occasions he’s here.”

Kenric shrugged and got up to lean against the wall near the window. He stared outside at the steppe, only to turn fully and brace a hand against the pane of glass, warmed from the summer sun.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” he muttered. “A fuckin’ rock doc.”

Shade cleared his throat. “Boss.”

“Yeah?” He continued to stare out over the brush and scrub.

“We have company.”

He spun around and found himself staring at a woman. A gorgeous woman. Whose skin, the colour of melted caramel, covered an amazing body. One reminiscent of an old pin—up girl, nothing but swells, dips, and curves.

Oh fuck.

Her black hair was drawn back from haughty facial features by a tight bun. On her face was a cool look of dismissal. Her navy-blue skirt suit brought some other things to mind and he felt his body respond. Almost violently. Her dark brown eyes were framed by thick, sooty lashes. She had full lips that shone with a clear lip gloss.

In one hand she held a black briefcase. He’d never seen anyone so determined to dress severely and look so damn hot. He allowed himself one more leisurely perusal of her fuck—me heels, long legs, then up over nice breasts and an amazing—even with the hint of the superbia—face.

Hellfire and damnation. I would love to see her in a bikini. Or nothing at all. He spied Shade staring at her too, and for some reason it pissed him off. From deep within, a rush of anger coursed through him at the thought of Shade even touching this woman. Why is she looking at him?

Sunday Sentiment

Sunday, August 12th, 2018

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. ~Judy Garland

Saturday Selection ~ Finn

Saturday, August 11th, 2018

I’ve been enjoying this 7 Brides for 7 Brothers series. Have you checked them out?