Wednesday Whisper ~ Need You Now

Book 1 in The Monroe Sisters series




What happens when that first spark is undeniable?

Pediatric oncologist Eva Monroe was finally heading for vacation in Puerto Vallarta to enjoy some much-needed rest, relaxation and sex. It was her goal to find someone to indulge in for the night—or the week, her choice.

Emergency room surgeon and member of Doctors Without Borders Grant Harrison is having fun during his time at the beach when he spies Eva and the heat between them slams into him with incredible force. After he approaches her, they end up going back to his room. What begins as a hot, intense encounter grows to more as they spend the rest of her time there together. Learning about each other and becoming close.

When they leave, neither want to end what they have started to build, but they’re not exactly neighbors. They decide to try a long-distance relationship—she visits him in Arizona and he her in Iowa, but they want more. Who is going to be the one to give up what they have for the other?

Someone has to make a choice. But when it comes, will it be too late?


“Sometimes, you just need some dick.”

Eva snorted, the margarita burning her nose as it exited, making her cough and her eyes water. “Did you just—oh, never mind, of course you did.” She glared across the table at her sister with the vulgar mouth, Tara, as she accepted the napkin handed to her from the third member of the group. She wiped her lips before she dabbed at the corners of her eyes, hoping this incident hadn’t turned her into a damn raccoon with how her makeup was running.

“What?” Tara blinked her almond-shaped black eyes, appearing unconcerned with her statement and how loud she’d made it. “It’s true, a good fuck can go a long way.” She sipped her Chardonnay and gestured to their other sister, Shai. “Tell her. I mean, she’s a doctor. You’d think she would be aware of the benefits.” Tara flipped her braid back over her shoulder, the pink streak in it vibrant and outgoing, much like the woman herself.

Shai drained the rest of her extra-dirty martini and put the glass down. “Tara’s correct. You need to get laid. All of us do.” She gestured for another drink.

Eva shook her head. She was the eldest and these two knew how to test her. “How did we go from my day to talking about a hookup?”

“Because your day didn’t include one.” Tara toasted her.

She sighed dramatically. I highly doubt yours did either, Tara. “That would be your logic. And just for the record, counselor, I’m a surgeon, not a regular doctor.”

“Pretty sure there’s a fucking MD after your name and I’ve seen you put DR in front of it. Or so it was the last time I saw you sign something.”

Glaring at Shai, she huffed with as much indignation as she could manage to pull off having just choked on a drink moments prior. “No one asked for your opinion, professor.”

“That’s why I gave it. I am a professor. I interject when all the facts aren’t present. I’m an educator.” Shai flashed a grin, her white teeth stark against her smooth nut-brown skin.

“Why do I agree to come out with you two?”

“Because we’re family and you love us,” they responded in tandem.

“Ask me later about the love bit,” Eva retorted as she gazed around the table.

Shai, the baby of the family, was the youngest tenured professor at the university. Eva’s parents had adopted her when she was only six months old. Tara had joined the family at age two and held the middle-child distinction. All three of them were thick as thieves.

Running a hand over her spike cut, she spied a guy standing by the bar, eyes on the three of them. Her heart kicked up a few notches as recognition set in, but she couldn’t pull from her memory banks just where she knew him from.

“Who’s McHottie?”

“What?” she asked Shai.

“Which barfly are you staring at?”


“The witness is becoming hostile. I believe I should press the point,” Tara added.

Eva faced her sister and muttered, “Bitch.”

“Later,” Shai said. “I’ve been thinking about what was said earlier.”

Eva glanced over at her, eyebrows up in silent question.

“You know, about you not getting any cock.”

She covered her eyes. “This is the problem—well, one of the problems—with having a professor and an ADA as siblings, you two are used to having to yell. There is something called an inside voice. You know, where you talk quieter, so the entire bar doesn’t learn about me not having sex lately?”

“Because that was stated so eloquently and with your inside voice.” Shai’s tone dripped with humor.

Lord, could the floor just swallow me up? She met the amber gaze of the man across the way.

From the way his bow-shaped lips had kicked up, he’d overheard the embarrassing exchange. He raised his beer in her direction.

“Focus, please.”

Professor tone. That’s what Eva called it. She’d heard Shai use it numerous times in her classes and it never failed to silence the noise even in an auditorium. However, her sibling had a way with people and could easily get them to listen to her. It was a gift.

“I need a refill for this,” Eva groused, waving for another pink-grapefruit margarita. “Especially since the last bit wasn’t enjoyed as it exited my nose.”

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