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Tuesday Teaser ~ May You Always

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018


Well,” she said. “We are down to the last five women up for bidding. Thank you to everyone who’s come out to participate in this event. I have to be honest, this next woman, I’m told, she can be a bit moody.” A nearly sadistic grin. “But the card says she has a good heart and cares about others. So, we’re starting the bidding at five hundred for her. Fresh from Miami, my sister Karma.”

To Sherri’s left, Karma walked onstage, clad in a shimmering, silvery white dress as the rest of the women had been. Unlike with them, he stood straighter. Karma looked good. Damn good.

“F*** me,” he muttered before whistling low. He worked his gaze up her body. Silver stilettos which crossed up her ankles to tie off in a bow mid-calf. The dress was a second skin. His entire body jerked. The sides were cut out and covered with a silver, sheer lace. The loop around her neck, holding up the dress, also done in silver.

“Five hundred,” a man called out, and the bidding war was on.

Holt couldn’t look away. Everything about her was elegant and totally not the girl he attended school with. She’s no girl. Karma is all woman.

“Thirty-five hundred.”

He blinked as he realized he was missing the bidding.

“Four thousand.” The bid was made with some glee.

Like hell. “Ten thousand to end the bidding.”