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Tuesday Teaser ~ Seducing Damian

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018


He couldn’t help it. She was beautiful. Her skin was the most perfect shade of brown he had ever seen. A red dress clung lovingly to her curves. Her hair, unlike most women there, was unrestrained and landed past her shoulders.

Clasped in one feminine hand was a drink that appeared to be untouched. Damian moved toward her.

Sekhmet saw him approaching, felt his perusal, and she deliberately kept her eyes on the display before her. For once she was hesitant. She had visited this man in his dreams, watched him from afar, and now, she couldn’t begin to formulate a sentence. “Talios, I need you.”

Regardless of where it appeared she was staring, Sekhmet was well aware of the man striding towards her. Everything about him. The assured steps that carried him across the marbled floor told everyone there of his confidence.

The cut of the fabric of his suit coat, and pants didn’t escape her notice, especially the way they accented his lean hips and broad shoulders. How his white shirt stretched across the broad chest. Her golden gaze didn’t miss a bit of it.

Indigo eyes had honed in on her while the black hair on his head fell in a stylish yet somewhat unkempt manner. His direction was evident, straight at her. Each powerful step his over six-foot body made created a pool of wetness in her, a feat no man had ever been able to do before. Sex had just been sex, nothing more, nothing less.

“Goddess?” Talios’ voice entered her head.

Sekhmet knew he was nearing as well, but all her focus was on the mortal, Damian Memphis Keith. “I don’t get it, Talios. I don’t understand these feelings he creates within me. I’m a far cry from a virgin. I’ve been with multitudes of men during my lifetime. I’ve killed more without hesitation, but…this man…this mortal man, has the power to make me sweat.”

Talios’ deep laughter filled her head.

“Are you mocking me, Talios?” She turned the crystal stem in her fingers, refraining from drinking any of the bubbly liquid.

More of his laughter rang inside her head, helping to put her at ease. “Never, Goddess.” His response was fast and laced with humour.

Of all her bed partners, Talios included, none had the ability to affect her like this man did. If mortals went through this all the time, it was no wonder they were miserable.

“Good evening,” Damian said. Everything about this woman called out to him. He wanted to touch her smooth skin, kiss her full lips and make love to her until they both passed out from exhaustion. His drink-free hand clenched into a fist to keep from reaching out and caressing her.

Seconds before she responded, a large man appeared at her side. Damian felt dwarfed by him and his stomach churned over the loving and familiar smile she sent the man. He had to swallow back the bile that rose in his throat.

Finally, her attention fell to him. She met his gaze and smiled at him this time. “Hello.”

Damian became as hard as stone at the mere sound of her voice. It was the same voice from his dreams. Only this time…she was real.

“I’m Damian. Professor Damian Keith.” He offered his hand while taking in her beauty.

“My name is Amenitré Seini.” She placed her soft hand into his. The feeling of abandonment he had felt when his mysterious presence left him vanished at her touch. “And this is Talios.”

It was so hard for Damian to tear his gaze away from his dream woman. Her beauty was so powerful it actually hurt. Placing his gaze on the man beside her, he nodded. “Nice to meet you.” His hand stayed clasped with hers, the softness of her skin evoking a maelstrom of emotions within him.

Coal black eyes assessed him. “Professor Keith,” was the reply that the giant emitted.

Indigo met tawny as Damian focused back on the woman who held his gaze directly. She did pull her hand free of his grasp, but her eyes stayed upon him. “I have to tell you, I love your name. It is very beautiful,” he admitted, even while he admired how her dress embraced her figure.