Tuesday Teaser ~ If You Dare

tuetea4She was on the phone, standing with her back to them as she stared out the window. Fuck me. Today she wore black. All black. That familiar silhouette of hers jumped up and bit him, causing his cock to swell in his slacks. Her pencil skirt hugged her ass like no one’s business and he swallowed hard, trying to control the lust that raged through him.

It had to be lust right? That would be the only reason he had been unable to get her out of his head. His brain and subconscious laughed at him and he told them to shut up before focusing his attention back on the woman before him.

She hung up the phone and turned, removing her earpiece. He saw her surprise at seeing him but she quickly masked it. “Good morning. Please sit down.”


If you dare 1650-1


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