Wednesday Whisper ~ Returning to The Edge

Book 3 of The Edge out at Totally Bound.


Patience truly is a virtue.

As the baby of the family, veterinarian Mary Meyers is used to being overlooked and overshadowed. Back home, she indulges in a one-night stand with her eldest brother’s friend. He’s more than she thought he would be but she isn’t sure she’s ready for another commitment.

Ron Glennon falls hard and fast for the youngest Meyers child. He wants more than just a clandestine relationship with her but she’s hesitant. He backs off and lets her have her way even though it’s killing him inside. Finally the time comes for her to choose, will he get to keep her after she’s returned to The Edge?


Ron frowned. This wasn’t like him. He didn’t vie for a woman’s attention. Either they wanted to speak to him or they didn’t. For all intents and purposes, she didn’t.


He forced himself to walk away and let it go. He wasn’t about to have it all over The Edge he was after a girl who wanted nothing to do with him. After all, he had some pride. At the door, he struggled with the need to glance back over his shoulder, another urge he ignored.

The day was long and hard so when it ended he was more than ready to head home. He showered and had just taken the pizza out of the oven when a knock came on his door. Davis stood there.

“Hey, man, what’s up?”

“I was heading out to Perimeter and wanted to know if you’d like to come along for a drink?”

Perimeter was one of the three bars within The Edge. Clean, good beer, and an eclectic presentation of music played throughout the night.

“Sure thing, hang on. Come on in.”

He put his pizza on top of the table, made sure the oven was off and shoved into some tennis shoes. They headed out and he followed Davis’ vehicle. When they pulled in, it was already almost all full.

He and Davis entered and headed for the bar. Marsha, one of the bartenders there, smiled and took their order. While he and Davis chatted about work, he scanned the area time after time, unsure as to what he was looking for.

Ron spied Jenn Meyers talking with the owner of Perimeter, Tony. Whatever their conversation was, it wasn’t a good one. Jenn looked less than pleased. He almost went over to see if she was okay when he spied her. Mary.

She stood there behind her sister, impatience written all over her face until she said something.

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