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Tuesday Teaser ~ Raw Exposure

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018


Affrica looked at him, moved her gaze over his jeans and t-shirt before dismissing him without a word, placing her dark eyes back on his brother. It made Reeve wish he’d worn something like a suit to impress her.

“Hello is usually a common courtesy.” Reeve heard himself say to her with anger in his voice. He moved closer to her.

“So is knocking on a door before you enter,” she shrugged, “yet you chose to ignore that pleasantry, and so, I ignored one as well.”

“Reeve!” Godric said, astonished. “Please behave yourself. Ms. O’Shea is here on business.”

He sneered as his gaze traveled lewdly over her body. “I bet she’d look cute in the waitress outfit.”

“Ms. O’Shea, please forgive him,” Godric pleaded. “I don’t know what his problem is.” He glared at Reeve.

With a bland expression, Reeve watched as she stood effortlessly.

“I will see you in two days then, Mr. Leighton.” She offered words along with her hand.

Reeve glared back as his brother blushed and shook her hand. “I thought I told you to call me, Godric.”

“Godric.” Affrica nodded then looked at Reeve who was crowding her. “You know, ya should at least go home and get the smell of whore off you before you go out again. Dinna she have a shower?”

“Jealous, sweetcheeks?” Reeve asked, stepping even closer. “I can give you a job if you are looking for one.”

A dispassionate look filled her eyes. “I’ll tell you what. I’ll work for you, whate’er you want,” she paused, “as soon as you clear it with my brother. Remember him?” Affrica leaned in and sniffed him. “Ya should be ashamed of yourself. You’re still drunk. You may not care about yourself, but ya should respect your brother more than this.” She breezed out the door, carrying her bag with her.