Wednesday Whisper ~ Spring Rain

My latest out in Elle Jame’s Brotherhood Protector Kindleworlds.


Sometimes new things are discovered when honoring past memories.

Caitlyn Schneider loves teaching music even if she is considered a bit of a rebel in the school. On her own time, she enjoys hiking parts of the Appalachian Trail. What she doesn’t expect to find is a man who she’s been unable to forget since he appeared in her classroom.

Rip Walls is a cop, K9 handler, and most importantly, a single father. With his son almost being expelled, the last thing he needs is a sexy distraction, one who his son actually likes, even though she’s not one of his teachers.

A chance meeting with her while he’s out training with his partner and he realizes he can no longer ignore the spark of life she has brought to him. But while the passion is strong between them, will it last once they’re back and amongst the rest of the world?


The bark came again and her belly knotted up. What the hell kind of dog makes a bark that deep? I’m beginning to question my decision to stay here and not seek shelter up a bit higher.

Like he was part of the low hanging cloud himself, a black streak shot into the barn area, shook himself off, and found a place for himself on the other side of the fire from her.

She stared at him and gulped. Christ he’s huge. Caitlyn wasn’t a huge fan of dogs and hadn’t a clue what kind this massive beast was, but so long as he kept to his side of the fire, she could handle it.

I can, right? Sure, I can.

The pep talk wasn’t quite enough.

The canine yawned and she bit back a whimper at the sight of those huge white teeth gleaming in the flickering light. His ears were erect and the beard covering his muzzle didn’t detract from the feeling that he could rip her in two if he so desired.

“Abel? Damn it boy, I told you to wait for me.”

The dog looked out into the streaming rain and shook his head.

She stifled a chuckle, he may not have spoken English, but she got his meaning perfectly clear. He wasn’t an idiot and wasn’t about to hang out in the weather when he could get out of it.

A man stepped from the darkness into her area and she gasped before she could control it. This wasn’t a stranger. Well, they weren’t friends, but she knew him. Rip Walls. Father to Ian Walls who went to her school.

He slammed her with his intense green gaze. She may not be able to see the color of his eyes right now, but she hadn’t forgotten how intense they were when he’d been in her classroom that day to pick up his son.

“You,” he said. “What are you doing out here?”

She bristled. So condescending. So arrogant.

So hot.

Okay, she didn’t need comments like that from her brain.

“I was enjoying the fire here with Abel. He and I were happy and dry.”

Rip shook his head and she couldn’t tear her gaze away. He took off his own pack and pulled out a towel to get rid of the extra moisture with, then draped it over a hook on the wall to let it dry.

“You and Abel?”

She popped another piece of her sandwich into her mouth and tried not to squeal as Abel rose and walked to her side where he sat and stared at her. “Yes. Me and Abel.”

He crossed his arms. “That so?”

“Absolutely. We were just about to eat. Well, I was about to share with him.”

“That I’d love to see.”

She shrugged and tore off a piece of bread and turkey before offering it to the set of massive jaws so close to her. If I die, it will be my fault.

Abel stretched out and took it from her hand as if she’d been kissed by a rose petal. No teeth, no snapping. She was beyond impressed.

“Really Abel?” Rip grumbled.

“He likes turkey.”

The man glared at the two of them. “He’s not supposed to take food from strangers.”

Cutting her gaze to the dog who’d somehow managed to scoot closer still, she shrugged and reached out to put her hand along his muscled neck, fingers brushing along the wiry coat.

“Figures, both my son and my dog will ignore me for you.”

“Ian is still out there?”

“No, he’s with his grandparents for the weekend.”

“At least, you didn’t leave him out there alone.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

She scratched at Abel’s neck smiling when he lay back beside her and yet, she still had easy access to him. It didn’t hurt that Rip’s expression was like he’d just licked an old rotten egg.

“Nothing. You going to stand there all night and try to appear imposing? Or are you going to be a civil human and sit around the fire? I’m here to enjoy myself, not fight about what you may or may not think I meant.”

He rolled a log near and snapped his fingers scowling even more when Abel just leaned into her touch, a low doggy groan of contentment escaping him.

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