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Tuesday Teaser ~ Winter Flame

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018


Everything appeared normal to her, however, she trusted Henson over her own puny human senses. Part of her wanted to run and hide but she wasn’t abandoning her research to whomever or whatever hung around her cabin.

“Let’s go.”

He remained right beside her the entire rest of the way. Again, not typical behavior from him. Henson paced with her, nearly in front of her but not as he stayed off the snow shoes.

Small favors.

The chimney pushed out smoke alerting her to the fact at least her place would be warm. It wasn’t the dead drop day for supplies, so why the fuck was she staring at some man’s size twelve boot prints in the snow?

No one hung outside and that meant they could be lying in wait. Inside. She paused outside the door and unfastened the tennis rackets from her feet before leaning them against the wall.

She slowly turned the knob and pushed inside. The warmth hit her at once and she smiled. It didn’t last long for to the left she spied the silhouette. Henson rolled a low growl and Britt held the rifle and cleared her throat.

Her unexpected visitor turned and grip on the rifle slipped a tiny bit. Stormy blue eyes raked over her, igniting places that had been on ice for the past couple of months.

“You,” she blurted.

Right before her, tall and proud, in the small Arctic cabin was none other than the man with who she’d spent the nights under the stars.

Curt Blackwell.

He reached out and plucked the rifle from her hand.

“Rule one, if you’re not going to shoot it, don’t point it at someone.”

She rested a hand atop Henson’s head, reassured by his presence.

“What the three hells are you doing here?”

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