New Release ~ Tempting Luck







Out today. The boxset that deals with luck and of course a bit of Ireland. Tempting Luck.

This is a collection of stories from bestselling authors all that have to do with luck. And of course what’s luck without a bit of Ireland? Pick up your copy, enjoy, and allow the luck to take you away.


Part of the Tempting Luck boxset, Emerald Myst, is my contribution.

Blurb for my story in the collection:

Emmie Donaghue is heading to Ireland to claim her inheritance. What she gets isn’t at all what she was expecting and isn’t sure she wants. Finn Brannon is immediately enchanted by the flustered American who shows up at the bar.  As they work together they grow closer, will a misunderstanding be the end of what they could have? Or will he find a way to keep her in his life?

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