Tuesday Teaser ~ His Risk to Take


“Could we go somewhere a bit more private?”

“I’d offer my place but not sure you’d be okay with that.” She licked any remaining salt from her plump lips. “But I would be.”

Heart thundering in his ears as he centered his gaze onto her mouth, he nodded. “That’s fine.”

Mat followed her tight ass out of Smitty’s, waiting as she shared a word with Liz. God, he owed that woman an apology for mistaking her identity and seeming to hit on her.

Liz didn’t seem to be all that upset because she toasted him on his way by.

Outside, he swore once more as Sheri swung her leg over a crotch rocket, hiking up her tight skirt to show off even more of one creamy thigh.

Yeah, I’m in big trouble. Seriously. In. Some. Big. Trouble.


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