Tuesday Teaser ~ Sass This


Kent stared at the woman lying in bed. Correction, his bed. His gaze drifted more than once to his bite-mark on her shoulder. His mind was still fuzzy in regards to how he’d gotten into the trap to begin with but he’d since healed.

After this woman had saved him, freed him, only to hot wire a stolen truck and race away from the poachers she’d sassed and challenged, he’d followed. Hell, he couldn’t have let her be anyway, he’d bitten her. She was his.

When she first opened her mouth and spoke, he’d forgotten about the steel trap around his paw. The soft velvet quality to her tone as it wove around him, awakened part of him he’d thought wouldn’t ever come alive. The part that told his kind, this is your mate.

Her accent had sounded familiar and he swore he scented wolf shifter on her, so he called his friend, Aric Wolfe, to see if she was one of his.

Turned out, she wasn’t and his friend hadn’t even heard of her. Kent had gone through her bag to find her personal information to be able to pass it along. His friend was the next Alpha of his pack and while he’d not taken over yet, he and his mate were more than up for the position.

Aric was one of the few wolves he trusted. His brothers were on the to-be-trusted list but then it grew sparse. He’d never felt like himself in the United States, always too crowded and not enough running room. Wolves had large territories but it was different for cheetahs. It was hard for him to get up to speed when he had to slow and dodge a bunch of crap like forests. Here on the savannah, he could run and play without all that.

She moaned and he was at her side, brushing those thick black sexy as fuck curls away from her face. Kent wanted her to open her eyes. Even his cat had responded the first time they’d locked eyes. Those striking pale green eyes that met his had only strengthened the vines holding them together.

Her hair moved like satin through his fingers and he wanted it to slide over his entire body. Fuck, even his cat wanted to come out and roll in it. His jaw ached as his canines lengthened in time with the raw lust and need growing within him.

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