Tuesday Teaser ~ Black Sand


“Detective Texeira.” A brief pause. “Detective Lei Texeira.”

She wasn’t friends with the detectives in her city. Still not ringing any bells. You’d think if you had to ask who I was, you would be a bit more forthcoming in the deets on who the frack you were. “What can I do for you, Detective?” It had been on the tip of her tongue to call this woman “Dick” and for no other reason than it would amuse her. But that’s how her humor worked.

“Do you know an Ashlee Obin?”

Her blood thickened and ran cold. Ashlee was in Oahu for a ‘vacation’ that was more like a hunting trip. Ashlee had been a treasure hunter for as long as they’d been friends. She traveled all over the world doing this. And somehow, she’d recently come into possession of some documents and secretive knowledge of lost treasure near the islands. Offhand, Natasha couldn’t recall which island. All she remembered for sure was she had booked a room on Oahu.

“Are you there?”

She blinked a few times in rapid succession. After clearing her throat, Natasha adjusted on her seat. “I am and I do know her. Why?”

“You were listed as her emergency contact.”

A sigh of relief escaped. Injured she could handle.

“I’m afraid Ms. Obin is dead. In her phone you’re listed as her ICE contact.”

Her world fell silent as she met Zacharias’ gaze in the rear view. His mouth moved and somehow, she figured he was asking her if she was okay.

Was she?


Most definitely not.

“Ms. Zion?”

Swallowing back her tears, she dug her nails into her palm, allowing another focal point on something other than this news she had to hear, but didn’t want to. “I’ll be on the first flight out I can get.”

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