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Saturday Selection ~ Background for Murder by Shelley Smith

Saturday, January 13th, 2018

This week, it’s Background for Murder by Shelley Smith.


Dr. Maurice Royd, the head of a psychiatric hospital, is found slumped over his desk with his skull caved in.

But a lack of hard evidence leaves the local police stumped.

The difficulty is that there are too many people who could have murdered Dr. Royd, too many people who wished him dead.

Any one of that ‘bunch of crazies’ might have yielded to the impulse to do it.

Private Investigator Jacob Chaos is given the case by Scotland Yard.

Now time is of the essence for Chaos as he tries to get the job done discreetly, hushing up any possibility of a scandal.

But it seems there is quite a lot of funny business concerning the late Dr. Royd and digging any deeper seems to start stirring up trouble.

Before he knows it, Chaos inadvertently kick-starts a killing spree.

Racing against the clock with an ever growing list of suspects, Jacob Chaos must work to unravel the twisted skeins hiding the truth and catch the audacious murderer…

Background for Murder is a classic whodunit and stark exposé of human horror in the tangled worlds of sanity and insanity.