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Teaser Tuesday ~ Icy Dare

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018


Dorian wasn’t impressed by the posturing. Not at all. He slanted a glance to her before placing all his attention back on the man. He stepped closer and, in a second, had the man’s hand at an awkward angle as the ass was on his knees, pain encompassing his features.

“The lady said it wasn’t necessary. I’m telling you to leave her the fuck alone before I begin removing body parts.”

“Let me go,” he begged.

Behind the bar, she watched with wide eyes, shock, and confusion.

“Come here,” Dorian ordered with a jerk of his head.

She maneuvered around the bar and walked up to him, waving off the bouncer who had begun in their direction. “Yes?”

“What do you want me to do with him?”

She cocked a brow. “Do?”

“Yes, do. Let him walk out or throw him out? Your choice, but he’ll never”—he growled—“bother you, again.”

“Let him leave. I can’t have you throwing all my patrons out bleeding.”

Dorian released him and slid closer to her. Damn it all, his fingertips burned to touch her. Caress. He watched the idiot stumble as he scrambled away.

“Who are you?” she whispered the query, keeping it between them solely.

He thought about how best to tell her. Another two men left, and the others stared at them. Dorian snaked an arm around her, drawing her flush against him.

It wasn’t fair. The press of her curves reminded him he wasn’t dead but a man who’d been away from women for a long time.

“Yours,” he replied, capturing her mouth with his.