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Saturday Selection ~ Wired In by Toby Neal

Saturday, November 4th, 2017

So this week (Happy November by the way) I’m going back to a mystery writer that I am a huge fan of @tobywneal I’m lucky enough to have a book coming out in her Lei Crime Kindle World series this month. But, this isn’t about me or that particular series. This is book 1 in her Paradise Crime series.

I can’t wait to jump into this series.


Special Agent Sophie Ang’s emotions are battered by a child kidnapping case that goes badly wrong. In tracking the criminal ring, her rogue data analysis program D.A.V.I.D. identifies an anomaly that leads her into a cat-and-mouse game online with a deadly enemy whose motives are unclear. The chase lures her through dark corridors of cyberspace into a confrontation with the violence from her past that sent her fleeing to the United States. She’ll need every skill she’s learned to defeat her worst nightmare–and the stakes couldn’t be higher.Â
Can Sophie both defeat her past, and protect her heart from a fascinating cyber vigilante?