Saturday Selection ~ Hell Gate by Peter Tonkin

Another new to me author and one I’m excited to try, @petertonkin50

I for one, love my thrillers, so toss in the Spetznaz and stolen weapons, yep, I’m so there.

519kvoOf6FL._AC_US327_QL65_Straight into a trap…

Eamonn O’Hanlon, a local to the Ballymore area of Ireland, is trying to charm a young American-Irish lady named Mary-Ann.

However, just as things seem to be going Eamonn’s way, a bullet pierces him and continues on to pass through the chest of Mary-Ann, killing them both.

Why would someone kill these apparently innocent bystanders?

And who would do it in the first place?

The perpetrators realise the mistake of killing these two people, one of whom is a local who will surely be noticed missing, and are forced to clean up the scene.

Even though they cover their tracks and dispose of the bodies and the car, local investigators catch on to the disturbingly professional nature of the murders…

At the same time, Robert Mariner, the owner of a fleet of super-cat boats, is preparing for the wedding of his father-in-law, however their plans to sail across the channel on one of his boats for the ceremony are cut short by the news of the murders in Ireland.

As it turns out, a piece of climbing equipment, left by the murderers, is that which is used specifically by the SPETZNAZ, the Russian special forces.

An investigator remembers that his friend, Richard Mariner, has come into contact with this equipment.
But who are these people?

While the investigation is on-going, a brand new and very modern ship, the New England, pulls into Boston harbour in preparation for its maiden voyage.

While soaring across the ocean, they are contacted by a vessel, the Calcutta that has caught fire and is sinking rapidly with people still aboard.

As the closest ship nearby, the New England heads in their direction, only to realise upon rescuing those on the boat that it was all a trick.

With the ships now loaded with stolen weapons and explosives, what can be done to stop these terrorists and save the lives of those caught in the middle of an international political nightmare?

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