Thursday Toss Up ~ Lily

One of my borzoi is Lily. She’s almost 6 years old. Right now she is the one who is in KY with her breeder, being raced and shown out there. We miss her tons but hopefully when we get her back there will be a puppy tagging along with her.

She’s a therapy dog, courser, show dog. We will be going in the ring for obedience and rally when she comes back to us.


Of the four zoi I have, she’s the most standoffish which isn’t saying much since they all love people. She’s just the most reserved.

I have a good many people ask me why I do therapy work. Why would I bathe my dogs extra, do their nails, teeth, and spend my time going around to places so someone else can touch my dog in hopefully a nice manner.

One of my favorite stories of her was when we were doing a therapy session at a school and had been through about five classes thus far. The dogs were taking a break (very important) and I was chatting with some of the other women there. The next group of children arrived and we did the talk and demonstration then we spread out so they can meet the dogs individually and ask us more questions.

All was going wonderfully, kids were laughing and petting all the dogs. Lily was the largest and we had about five different breeds there.

I was sitting in the chair as some kids were taking pictures with her and a mother walked up with her special needs child in her arms. I’d watched her try to get him to pet the smaller dogs but he would just pull away and scream, so honestly, this is what I was expecting for him to do with Lily.

The boy began squirming so she put him down. He had braces on his legs and a helmet on his head to protect him if he fell. I asked the other kids to move back a bit from Lily so he could go up to her if he wished. And he did. Made his way right up to her and hugged her, wrapping his thin arms around her and held on as if she would vanish if he let go.

Lily just stood there, dropping her head around his shoulder and back, tail wagging gently. I looked up at his mother and found her crying which nearly set me over.

He’d never gone up to a dog before wanted to but screamed at the last moment. This was his first time. when his legs wobbled, Lily held firm and he didn’t fall.

The boy’s mother took pictures and sent one to her husband right there. And his response was immediate. We didn’t rush him and let him hold her as long as he wished. When they left, she had a hard time even saying thank you for she still cried.

That right there, is why I do therapy work. Because animals have amazing healing power and their love is unconditional. Yes, we were gone from the house for hours and Lily was exhausted on the way home but to see the joy in both the children and the parents’ face, makes it all worthwhile. At least to this humbled owner.

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