Thursday Toss Up – Dageus

I love animals, that’s not anything new to readers who know me. Right now I have four dogs, three who are with me and one who’s back with the breeder. But I did have a cat. A black domestic shorthair who I named Dageus after Karen Marie Moning’s hero, Dageus MacKeltar from The Dark Highlander, one of my favorite stories. He had little tiger stripes when I first got him at about 5 weeks old.


He grew up in a house with two GSDs and could often be found hanging from my big male’s muzzle, purring away, or riding on the female’s head. Also purring. If they had an e-collar on, he would be in it with them, keeping them company. He didn’t shred furniture or curtains. He didn’t chew on things other than treats, the dogs, and his cat tower.

Overall, Dageus was a great cat. He wasn’t fond of people other than DH or myself but I could do whatever I wanted to him. Fine for bathing and nail trimming he would just sit there and wait for me to finish. He made our lives so much better. He himself was raised by two GSDs and raised 4 borzoi of our own along with dogs we would take care of for their owners while they were on vacation, before we lost him.

I never realized how much I would miss him in my life. But I know he’s no longer in pain and is back hanging out with Clarke and Isis waiting over the Rainbow Bridge. Love you, Dageus!


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