Saturday Selection

This is a new author to me but am definitely intrigued by this book.


Kate Rowland is the happily married wife of a US Marine. Unlike the stereotype of a military wife she leads a professional life independent of her husband’s career. Everything is going well until the fateful night that will change their lives forever.

Justin, plagued with an undiagnosed case of post traumatic stress disorder, brutally assaults Kate. How could a once mild-mannered nice guy completely lose it?

Kate and Justin’s lives are turned upside-down forever as they try to pick up the pieces. Kate’s ready to get back in the dating game but will her true feelings for her husband complicate things?

Join Kate as she navigates the hectic life of separation from her husband. With her physical needs unmet, what happens when she meets a handsome stranger? Will she give in to her urges or go back to her husband?

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