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I needed a calming image after the start to my day…

So I was out walking the dogs today–it’s not Hades level hot here currently so we took a gentle 5 mile walk. I’m beginning to think the woman who is trying to blame me for being the horrible addition to the plight of all these puppies in the shelters is stalking me. She walks up as we’re on our way back to the house and starts in again about how I’m senselessly breeding, how I should be ashamed as opposed to her because she adopted hers from the shelter. And here we go again:

  1. I’ve never bred a litter in my life. I have all bitches and I race and show them but I’ve not whelped a litter. I have neither the space, time, or enough knowledge to do that (not in my opinion anyway)
  2. Even if I had, breeders, responsible ones, aren’t to blame for all the kennels filled with animals who’ve been abandoned, surrendered, or whatever.
  3. I have nothing against rescue dogs or shelter dogs, nothing at all.
  4. I really don’t like this woman and I’m trying, really hard, to be semi-polite.
  5. She’s berating me because my dogs will be unruly since there are 4. As opposed to her one.
  6. Her one, is yanking at the end of the leash, barking aggressively at my four who are standing around waiting for me to move on. Keep in mind, her dog, looks like what mine chase and would consider a squeak toy, but her “Fee Fee” is the well behaved one.
  7. We then move on to how I’m a bad mom because I won’t let me dogs play with hers. Come on now, I’m not stupid. You have an aggressive dog, smaller yes, but still aggressive. I’m not putting my dogs in a position where they will feel the need to defend themselves.
  8. I try to keep walking but she adjusts and steps back in front of me.
  9. …temper rising
  10. Ask her to move through gritted teeth, dogs are now getting upset that I’m upset.
  11. She decides it is a “wise” move to point her finger at me and shake it like I’m some unruly child and I realize that some days, meditation just isn’t enough.
  12. I open my mouth to say something else, and no, it won’t be a polite statement when a cop rolls up.
  13. I may not always agree with cops but they do risk their lives and in this situation, had my back. I’m appreciative of the officer stepping in and advising the lady to leave me and my dogs alone. after she walked (or stomped, she wasn’t happy), he turns to me and asks about the dogs.
  14. Apparently, a few of the officers he works with have mentioned me and my pups as they’ve seen us walking and have stopped to talk to us. Not sure if it’s a good thing they know me, but hey, guess I’ll have to behave. *grin*

We headed back home after they all got petted and loved on. Filled up their kiddie pool and they’ve been out playing in it since.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

  1. Not everyone who pays for a dog from a breeder is adding to the evils in the world.
  2. As a whole, I’ve found breeders to be loving and caring people, wanting what is best for their breed. Always willing to answer questions and help those they trust their puppies to.
  3. Just because you have an unaltered dog or bitch, doesn’t mean you are breeding just for shits and giggles.

I love dogs, I love more than just my own dogs. I train them (not something I do for others, but I do mine) I want them to behave in public, I want them to be good ambassadors for the breed.

My final takeaway from this, aside from the reason I walk where I do, because I know it’s widely patrolled. If she approaches me again, I’m filing charges of harassment.

Now, I’m going to let some wet dogs in since they are at the sliding glass door, smearing their noses all over my at-one-time clean glass, and get something to eat.

2 Responses to “Saturday…”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Aliyah ,
    Your a amazing woman . I’m ceryI would be getting bailed out right about now. That woman had no right to berate you or block your path.
    I’m glad the police arrived and You really should get some pepper spray
    (Just saying ) . I’m glad you and the pups are safe. And I hope the rest of your weekend is a peaceful one ?

    • Aliyah Burke says:

      Thank you, all is well. The rest of the weekend was fine. We took a walk and did some Pokémon Go. That was an adventure in itself. How was your weekend?