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Wednesday Whisper

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Happy Wednesday everyone! Here’s hoping your week is going well.

Genre: contemporary, paranormal, interracial

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He’s right. You know why you allowed him to offer comfort. She couldn’t explain it, it was like when he touched her for the first time in a long time she felt complete. Like he was the other half of her soul.
“That’s just crazy,” she muttered. “It makes no sense at all why a man I haven’t seen since I was a sophomore in high school could have that affect on me.”
“If it helps, you have the same affect on me, Faith,” a deep voice flowed up from behind her and wrapped her in its sensual softness.
Faith didn’t jump, it was as if her body had already known he was there. “Seventeen years is a long time, Rowan.”
“I know,” he said in a graveled voice. “Trust me, leannan, I am well aware of how long it’s been.”
Squeezing her eyes tight, Faith wet her lips with her tongue then opened her eyes. She refused to turn around, unsure if this was just another dream or a cruel hoax. “What do you want, Rowan?”
“You know what I want. The same thing I wanted when I first laid eyes upon you. You, Faith. I want you.”
He said it with such finality and conviction, for a moment, she almost believed him. “Then why didn’t you come get me?”
“I had to wait for you to call for me.” His footsteps echoed throughout her body.
“I didn’t call you. I didn’t even know you were here.” She felt him sit beside her and watched as his jean-clad legs entered her peripheral sight.
“I’ve never been away, Faith. Not while you’ve been wearing my pendant.”
How’d he know? She gulped. “It was pretty.”
“Look at me, Faith,” he commanded in a low rumble. When she did he continued, “Why don’t you ask me why I gave it to you.”
She had a feeling she already knew. “Why did you?”
“So everyone would know you were mine.”
Faith bristled. “I don’t belong to anyone, Rowan Kilgour. It’d serve you well to remember that.”